Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mesh Mannequin

Clothing texturable mesh mannequin.
Multiple clothing vendor scripted ver. also included.


You can apply clothing texture to upper and lower body parts.
(Head, Hands and feet are not cloth textureable)

Notecard based easy set up.

7 Land impact for simple display mannequin and
9 Land impact for clothing vendor scripted ver.
(at 2m hight. Land impact will increase if you strech its size)

Texture alignment won't be perfect.

This mannequin is mainly for clothing designer.
To apply clothing, you need to own full-perm clothing texture.
You cannot dress this mannequin with the shirts or pants you bought from your favorite stores.

Please do not link normal or sculpted prims. It may cause significant increase of Land impact.

See the DEMO at my main store at:


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